Recycling the way
it should be

Vortechs technology recycles 80-90% of the world’s plastic.

The reality of recycling

Currently, only around 16% of plastics and varying amounts of other hydrocarbon waste actually get recycled. The world’s recycling infrastructure is inadequate and it’s not practical to recycle most of the world’s plastic and other hydrocarbon waste.

A unique local solution

We’re pioneering a solution that utilizes proven technology, but in an innovative, local, village-scale design. The Vortechs WasteNgine can recycle almost any mixed plastic or other hydrocarbon waste into new products or convert it to sustainable energy.

Recycling the way it should be

Vortechs recycles where the waste is generated through its village-scale design. This means no transporting waste long distances, making the carbon footprint worse. Accessible, affordable, no-prep recycling or sustainable waste to energy–with no incineration.

Be part of our mission to do something meaningful for the environment.

No sorting.

No shredding.

No kidding.

Use case

Vortechs in Action

Vortechs is working with a plastics, paper, cardboard and metal recycling company to analyze the Vortechs value proposition for this company at one of their MRF facilities.

Preliminary findings demonstrate a strong value proposition and an increase in recycling efficiency for this future customer:

  • 75-87% reduction in the number of sorting personnel at the recycling facility
  • Elimination of the sorting line and the paper and plastics baling equipment
  • Significant reduction in operating expenses
  • Material reduction of required footprint for equipment, allowing increased space for greater potential throughput
  • Significant reduction or complete elimination of trans-state hauling of baled plastics and paper products to buyers located hundreds of miles away
  • Increase in revenue by climbing the supply chain and replacing this company’s customers in selling recyclable feedstock into the market and capturing that incremental profit margin by eliminating the middleman
  • Likely incremental income from fuel credits

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