About Us

Vortechs has developed a local, modular, “village-scale” system that accepts many types of waste and produces several types of valuable output. The Vortechs WasteNgine converts almost any type of hydrocarbon waste such as mixed plastic, hard to recycle plastic, tires, used motor oil, or other hydrocarbons into a base product called Eco. This Eco can be converted (with additional refining) into recycled products or various forms of energy as the customer requires, without transporting waste long distances.

Our advanced recycling technology allows 80-90% of plastic waste to be recycled. And our process reduces CO2 equivalent emissions by up to 50% compared to using fossil fuels to produce the same amount of virgin plastic or feedstock, and not including the additional C02 savings from avoiding the long-distance transportation of waste to distant recycling facilities (which could be approximately 3,000 pounds of CO2 per semi-truck trip). The process also reduces CO2e emissions by up to 70% compared with conventional modes of handling waste plastic, such as incineration and landfilling.

The Vortechs WasteNgine is the most flexible village-scale system on the market. It can process almost any hydrocarbon waste into recycled products or four different forms of energy –electricity, hydrogen, ammonia or a low-sulfur oil replacement. And of course, we never use incineration and we always meet or exceed air emissions permitting requirements.

Vortechs will be the recycling or sustainable waste-to-energy equivalent of what the microgrid is to power generation. A portion of Vortechs’ future profits will be donated to Heifer International.

Today, 16% of plastics actually get recycled.
Our advanced recycling technology allows
of global plastic waste to be recycled.

Our Mission

At Vortechs, we’re out to revolutionize and upgrade the world’s recycling infrastructure so that we are all able to recycle most of our plastic waste across the globe – as soon as possible. We’re bringing hope for improved sustainability to the planet. We want to increase the world’s recycling success rate, and where appropriate, provide sustainable energy to energy-poor nations. We want to save our rivers and oceans and avoid filling up our landfills. It’s all about hope for our future.

Our Values


We strive to be straightforward, honest, and practical.


Our recycling process is local where the trash is generated or deposited – not in some far off facility. We keep things visible to local communities so that people are able to see the result of their efforts.


Our advanced recycling system is simple yet sophisticated. No sorting, no shredding, no kidding. 


We deliver on the promise of recycling, rather than the limited-scale recycling of the past. Finally, recycling as it should be!


Dealing with plastic and hydrocarbon waste is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet and we’re passionate about doing all we can to help to solve it.

Our Leadership

Chuck Ulrich

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Adams

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Dwire

Chief Development Officer

Ryan Ulrich

General Counsel 

Randy Burgoyne

Chief Information Officer

Phil Bunker

Chief Engineer

A. Einstein

Scientific Consultant

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